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Eyebrows are the most important feature on the face.The saying goes that "The eyes are the windows to the soul". We could call the eyes the jewels of the face. That being said, a jewel needs to be in an attractive setting to make it shimmer and shine in it's greatest beauty. The right BROWS will make your eyes "POP" and SHINE more than anything else. They will give your face more LIFE and EXPRESSION.
When it comes to BROWS, Patty Mac is a true MASTER. Every hair is carefully sculpted and hand crafted to give you a flattering and natural look.
Before BROW and eyeliner procedure                 After BROW and upper / lower eyeliner
Before brow procedure                                            After brow procedure
Brows before hair stroke enhancementBrows after hair stroke enhancementHair Stroke Art
Before Brow procedure                                            See above for after Brow enhancement
Notice the HAIR stroke technique. Can you tell where the real hair stops and the hairline strokes begin?
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