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        ALWAYS LOOKING BETTER (even at your 'worst')......

  these are just a couple of the  "PERKS OF PERMANENT MAKE UP"

"I'm a sporty kind of girl and  I love that with my permanent make up I don't have to fuss. I can wake up and get going with my day and the best part is....for the first time in a long time I actually feel pretty"
(from GM in Las Vegas)

"An artist must have his measuring tools not in the hand, but in the eyes"

If you're thinking about Permanent Make up the first step is a complimentary consultation where your specific needs will be discussed.Your personality, fashion preferences and lifestyle as well as bone structure and coloring will all be taken into consideration to choose what works for you as a unique individual.
PattyMac uses the Softap® system to artfully sculpt your look by hand.
The Softap Comfort System® is a patented system that allows for
maximum comfort to the client. It is a quiet, machineless HAND METHOD. Pigment is gently deposited at the surface of the dermal layer The gravity of the color particles then brings the color lower into the dermis. This decreases the level of possible agitation to the reticular and papillary layers of the skin.The pigments used are primarily mineral based and have proven to be hypoallergenic since 1988. The implements used are completely disposable and sanitary.
Usually one to two touch ups will complete the intensity level of the color. People differ as to exactly how their body chemistry holds pigment. How long your Permanent Make up lasts depends on your body chemistry and lifestyle. An example of this is that frequent sun exposure can fade your color. Hormones and medications occasionally affect color. Certain facial products and peels such as Retin-A and Glycolic acid should be kept away from areas of the face where the Permanent Make up has been applied. Some people retain their color  blissfully for many years. Most people with Permanent Make up choose to refresh about every two years.
PattyMac's clients often tell her how good they feel and how much time they save with the EASE of Permanent Make up.
Permanent Make up in Las Vegas is extremely popular because of the Summer heat and active lifestyle. 


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