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Photos  of Before and after Permanent Make Up procedures

Before lip procedure      Immediately after lip                               Before brow .............      After brow ...............
Man's eyebrow before   * Man's brow after                              Before corrective.          After corrective liner.
                                              with   "natural                                   Left eye was smaller     Notice that now both 
                                               hair strokes"                                    as a result of a prior       eyes appear equal
                                                                                                          cataract surgery.            size.
Before Eyeliner and                     After  upper and lower       Before.... Brows were     After.....natural looking
Eyebrow enhancement.              lower Eyeliner and              barely there.                    brows done with
Client had previous                      color corrected on                                                          hairline strokes.
work done at a different               brows.
venue. The color had faded
and needed correction
on brows.
The lady in the photos below lost most of her right brow from alopecia.
After Patty Mac's Brow Artistry she once again has brow symmetry.
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