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Permanent Make Up and Microblading done by an experienced Visual ARTIST


"Transcendence"  ~ original Art by Patty Mac

PattyMac is a MASTER of Permanent Make Up and Microblading. She was way ahead of the curve with Microblading and creating natural looking brows because as life long ARTIST, Patty was and is dedicated to artistically creating the look of "Real Hair" by using the magic of Permanent Make Up and Microblading.



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About Us

Patty Mac is a mulit-faceted Artist, Energy Worker,Beauty Professional and Spiritual Teacher.

Tools and modalities for greater and more profound experience of 

Beauty, Balance, Self expression and Inner Peace are presented here for YOU.      


Art is LIFE. Life is ART. 🎨

Every moment is an opportunity to add yet another beautiful 

brushstroke to the canvass of your LIFE. ~ Patty Mac

About Patty Mac

about Patty Mac...

"Work is love made visible".......Kahlil Gibran


........PattyMac is a Second Generation Aesthetician, Fine Artist and Master of Make up and Permanent Make up Artistry. She combines a variety of Beauty Enhancing and Anti Aging Techniques that work very well together.Add Energy Balance Modalities to the mix and you have the multi dimensional palette with which PattyMac works 
" To bring more Beauty and Joy  to our world....One person at a time." PattyMac's background is all about the arts. Patty's high school art teacher, Mr. Smith once told her that she was the most talented art student he had ever taught, and that she should become an art teacher.  At age fourteen Patty received her first award of recognition for 
one of her paintings. Years later when her primary career was teaching dance she began working part time
as a Make Up Artist for a local photographer. Patty continued make up artistry with the added title of Artistic Director
for a photographer, John Mejia, in Hollywood and later worked her make up magic in film and video. 
PattyMac worked in music and theatre for many years, learning yet more make up secrets and continuing 
to paint, show and sell her art.
Today, PattyMac's is passionate about is in working with the human canvass as a permanent make up artist, and helping to facilitate Inner Peace upon our beautiful planet through Life Path Energy Balance. ☯️

🌷  "The ability to help people to feel more naturally beautiful with permanent make up is extremely rewarding. When someone begins to feel better about their looks they begin to feel better about life. That extra bit of increased positivity and upliftment is  a Beautiful Process."

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