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Permanent Make Up and Microblading done by an experienced Visual ARTIST

Reiki and Energy Balance



REIKI.......means "Universal Lifeforce Energy."

  PattyMac's entry into the world of therapeutic energy work began in 1976 with her extensive studies with Nancy Ann Tappe and Dr. Barbara Dillenger at the Kairos Institute in San Diego. Since then she has studied additional healing modalities with Master Teachers.
Reiki... facilitates increased connection with the body's own"INNER HEALER" to balance and energize body, mind and spirit.
A Reiki session can be relaxing and energizing and promotes wellness, stress relief and inner peace.Patty Mac is a Reiki Master and has been practicing since 1997.
B.Paulus of Las Vegas said, "In one session my shoulder pain went away...It was amazing. Patty Mac's intuition is uncanny in her understanding of the workings of the body's systems."
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🌼🌷🌸  Flower  Essence  Therapy

This is not to be confused with aromatherapy.
Flower Essence Therapy was founded in the 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach. It is a life enhancing subtle therapy that is similar to homeopathy.Dr, Bach was able to co-relate each plant remedy with a specific human state of mind.Flower Essences work on a vibrational level to balance any given stressful situation of the Human Experience.After a consultation, a personalized formula is created to address your specific needs.Results can happen within four days to two weeks, depending on the individual. It is quite interesting that the quickest response usually occurs in children and animals. The most popular Flower Essence can be found on the shelf of most health food stores. It is called "Rescue Remedy".Patty Mac studied with the late great Jessica Bear and has been incorporating Flower Essence Therapy into her practice since 1993.

Emotional Clearing:✨🦋💫

Let's face it; Life can be stressful and emotional!  

Modern LIFE gives us pressures and traumas which can be balanced and harmonized through the use of Energy Clearing.

Many maladies, discomforts and stresses are due to unprocessed emotions that get "STUCK" in one's body and energy field.
Through muscle testing and kinesiology we can access these hidden and locked emotions and release them, which can be quite freeing, energizing and extermely helpful on the road to Inner Peace and more abundant health. Patty has studied Energetic balance for many years and has a combination method which uses parts of Many Modalities including  Body Talk, Emotion Code, Body Code, Quantum Entrainment, EFT and more...